Blue + Yellow

There’s something special to be said about having friends who need a creative catharsis just as badly as I do and are willing to meet on the fly to make it all come together. I’m sure it is something I’ll cherish for many years to come.  On my good days I’m highly inspired with color palettes and complimentary music playlists fresh on the mind and ready to go. On my hard days I just need to unplug what’s blocking my creative juices from flowing, perhaps with a helping hand in doing so. That’s where Heather and Barbara come in. 

Over the years, Heather and I have photographed one another enough times that if we were actually paying each other, we’d likely have a few months of rent covered. She is always someone I can bounce ideas off of or reach out to for an impromptu adventure, though it’s usually her doing that part (and I’m very thankful to be included). From climbing mountains and taking road trips to the coast, to cutting up pieces of paper and taping them to each other’s faces, she’s always been open to meshing together ideas all in the name of creating art. 

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Barbara is talented in all of the ways That I am not and is someone who I feel has a refined taste. Whatever ideas I bring to her, she always has a way of polishing them and making the final product better, even if by a hair. Her willingness to share her skills in makeup artistry and modeling easily flatters the energy of multiple photographers in the room who otherwise may miss the importance details of the model’s wardrobe. It’s all in the details. 

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